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Crowd Safety Monitoring, Management & Control

SenseArea, what does it sense?

SenseArea is a service that helpes you to make the right decissions concerning crowd management:

  • It shows the density and spread of the crowd
  • It shows the direction in which the crowd is moving and can predict the density elsewhere as a result
  • It helps you to tag and follow a group within the crowd
  • It can signal you when the crowd exceeds a certain level or enters an certain area

And all of this using the GSM network as its ears and eyes

Application scenario

When organizing large events or when expecting a significant amount of people, knowing where the crowd is and where it is going is the first step in avoiding crowd crises

SenseArea functionality

  • Show the density of people (heatmap)
  • Show a common movement (arrows)
  • Tag and trace a group (dots)
  • and predict movement based on event specific context

How it works

  • SenseArea monitors changes in GSM network usage. Each cell phone is identified by a unique (but anonymous!) identifier
  • Sense Area uses generic or event specific context rules to show density and movement changes
  • No cell phone registration required


  • SenseArea sees individual cell phones, but does not know the phone number or the owner
  • Accuracy relies on the density of cell antennas in the area

Example (security)

  • After the soccer match the supporters are tagged when they leave the stadium
  • A small group leaves the crowd and heads towards the town centre
  • Police / security can monitor their location and send them back to e.g. the railwaystation



Example (open air event)

  • A large open air event expects approx. 7500 people
  • The crowd monitor alarms for a continous growing crowd; at least 12.500
  • Event organiser opens extra gates and informs police of the situation


Example (health risks)


Big crowds in parks or beaches with potential health hazard due to Covid-19

SenseArea Service Offering

  • SenseArea is a growing platform of generic functionality and event-specific plug-ins SenseArea offers:
  • To monitor a specific area during a specific timeframe for you
  • To give you access to the real time SenseArea data and operate the application
  • To add event specific, context specific or area specific rules (gates, temporary roads, scheduled events, …) that will help you to monitor specific needs



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